Document Editing

Do you have a document that you would like assistance with? Document editing is for individuals with the basic ability to write in English.
Each document will be edited manually by a fluent Native English professional.

You'll Receive:

  • An excellent proof-read and edited document where spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected
  • Change and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability
  • Suggestions of phrases that will sound like a fluent English speaker
  • Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made using Microsoft Word (or Open Office)
  • Comments and suggestions to help improve the writing and the overall message
  • A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns

We edit all sorts of documents!

  • Cover letters & CV's
  • Website & Blogs (About pages, product descriptions, etc.)
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Filling out forms (visa applications & work permit applications)
  • Personal ads and online profiles
  • Restaurant menus
  • Social media posts and comments

How long will editing a document take?

  • All documents are guaranteed to be returned to you within 7 days
  • Urgent? If your document must be corrected and returned by a certain date, please let us know below when submitting your document. *Please note that a fee will be applied to urgent requests.


Generally, light editing is limited to edits on the word and sentence level and wouldn't require substantive rewriting. Medium editing can include more structural issues on the sentence and paragraph level. Heavy editing can include all of the above plus structural issues on the document level, such as the reordering of paragraphs or cutting of repetitive or redundant text, which calls for a more in-depth understanding of the text. 

  • Light edit: 3-3.5 cents per word
  • Medium edit: 3.5-3.8 cents per word
  • Heavy edit :3.8-4.5 cents per word
    *Please contact us for a direct quote, as each document is unique and requires different attention.

Technical Documents:

If you need assistance with editing technical documents and require a specialist in your field, please contact us and we will match you with an excellent, Native English editor in your specific profession (engineering, medicine, etc.)

Document Sizes:

No minimum word count required, we edit documents of 100 words regularly. However, there is a minimum charge of 5 euros for all documents. Documents 10,000 words or more can receive heavy editing at 3 cents per word. 

Whatever your needs may be, please upload your document and let us know in the message box what your needs are. That way, we will be able to provide a custom quote for you!