Professional English Lessons


Are you a small company that wants to improve their business English and International relations? We offer very affordable English learning packages that will help you and your team achieve your language goals quickly and effectively!

Our courses are aimed at smaller companies aiming to grow into International markets. Each lesson can be tailored to your team and company's specific needs - whether it is to come to meet once a week, or improve your skills quickly by meeting every morning!

We foster a fun, positive, and excellent team building environment. 

Examples of possible lessons may be:
*Introducing yourself, team, and business

*Applying and interviewing for a job

*Ordering items on the phone or online

*Using the phone
*How to write an email
*Using different currencies
*Understanding current news stories
*Using social media for your company
*Leaving & understanding voicemails

Prices & Packages


Lessons will be adapted to each team and each person's language level!

We have made prices affordable so that your team can have high-quality lessons on a regular and consistent basis (because practice is key to fluency!)

Packages require a minimum of at least 3 participants.

Individual lessons: 30 euros per hour

**Prices are valid between January 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018